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Thank you so much to Mary from for writing in to Dream Big with great ideas how Seniors and kids can work together during the pandemic.  One of the biggest problems for seniors and kids during the pandemic is not being able to see their friends or loved ones.  This loss of being able to see friends and family causes a lot of stress and anxiety.  Working together to help with ways to communicate safely and effectively through technology is a win win for all involved.  I have spent a lot of time trying to help my grandmas with how to zoom and facetime. Interesting even during my online classes at school  some of my teachers also need assistance from the students how to use the technology.   Looking forward to your article and thanks for writing in.


I have an idea for an article for your website, which I am happy to write free of charge if you’re interested in posting it. Would your readers benefit from an article discussing senior-friendly technology and how to use it to stay in touch with loved ones? 

Basically, this pandemic has forced my husband and I, both seniors who are not particularly tech savvy, to embrace technology. The process wasn’t exactly easy, but the reward of being able to see our kids and grandkids while quarantined was so worth it. In fact, we plan to continue our weekly calls with faraway friends and family indefinitely!

If you think this information might be useful to other seniors, please let me know!

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Mary Shannon