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Corning Painted Post Relay for Life

DSC01604 (500x375)

I got a chance to join on a Relay for Life Team sponsored by the American Cancer Society.  We spent the night at the middle school out along the track  and people relayed for a cure for cancer. A lot of  great people were there  including this mother and daughter that both had cancer but were fighting it together.  I helped with a bake sale to raise money for the event, set up a table for the Red Cross so everyone could help make cards for our soldiers and got a chance to talk with a lot of kids about volunteerism.  The Relay for Life raised $100,000  at their event.  It was a great experience.

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Corning-Painted Post Middle School Class Has Volunteering Spirit!


I would like to thank Mrs. Morrison and her 6th-8th grade special needs class at the Corning-Painted Post Middle School. They participated along with me this past year in the Red Cross Holiday for Heroes Card Drive. This past Monday they invited me to visit their class room, to meet them and tell me their volunteer stories. They made their own story books and read them to an elementary class.  They also picked up garbage at a local park.  I was so proud to hear their stories.  Thank you so much for the invite. I would love to come back and visit again soon. Great Job!!

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Persons of Promise Project

Person of Promise Horseheads Middle school art project

I have been so lucky to have the support of my community in getting out the message of kids and volunteerism.  I was so excited and honored to be chosen by the Horseheads Middle School for their Persons of Promise project. They took my photo, enlarged it and each student painted a square. Then they put the pieces all back together to make a big collage with words about volunteerism. It was at our local mall for the school Art Show. Thank you so much to the students and their Art teacher Kathy Kendall. You all did a great job.

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Second Graders Make Valentine Gift for Veterans

Second grade class valentine for veterans

“To Our Heroes

Happy Valentine’s Day
Thank you for all you’ve done
In Our Hearts You Are #1
You Gave Up So Much In Sacrifice, You left your families without thinking twice
We have our freedoms for what you’ve done

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone”

Created by Mrs. Tillinghast’s 2nd Grade Class

(Photo of Sophie and Rich Walters at the Bath VA with the Valentine poem from Mrs. Tillinghast’s class)

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Sophie Has Wonderful Mentors!

  • Andrea of El Salvador has been since an inspiration to me.
  • Francis LaLomia and the Corning Rotary
  • Susan Pirozzolo of the Horseheads Central School District
  • One of my 6th grade teachers, Mrs. Rachel Hogue.
  • My principals of the Horseheads Intermediate School; Mr. Michael Bostwick and Mrs. Robin Doubrava
  • LeAnne DeRosa of WENY TV
  • Kristin Klapprodt of the Bath VA and Rich Walters, Volunteer for the Red Cross and Bath VA
  • Casimir and Jim Krolak (WW2 and Vietnam Veterans)
  • Congressman Tom Reed and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano
  • Linda Conway and Colleen Kean of the Red Cross

I have wonderful mentors!

Linda Conway, Colleen Kean, Richard Walters and the entire team of the Corning Red Cross, LeAnne DeRosa of WENY TV, Congressman Tom Reed and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano, Veterans Casimir and Jim Krolak, Mr. Michael Bostwick, Mr. Chris Bell, Susan Pirozzolo, Mr. John Durr, Mrs. Rachel Hogue and everyone at the Horseheads School District have been such wonderful mentors to me. Many thanks to all of them.

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WWII Veteran, Friend & Mentor Visits Our School

VE Day  at Horseheads Intermediate School

This is my very first blog for Dream Big Sophie. First, thank you for checking out my website about kids, volunteerism and our world.  My  good friend and mentor, WWII Veteran Casimir Krolak of the Bethany Nursing Home, asked if he could come to my school, the Horseheads Intermediate School, to talk about his time in Italy and Africa during WWII.  What luck that it was also the 70th Anniversary of V.E Day.  He even brought my class an American Flag for us to keep.