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We worked hard and played hard in El Salvador.

The time we spent in El Salvador learning how to connect with others, Service above self, as the Rotary motto states are experiences I will always take with me. Having the chance to go at the age of 14 and 15, as one of the youngest members of the group and see the world outside of my community continues to strengthen my opinion that we must all continue to help each other and try our best. Our world needs it.

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Your Stories

Your Stories

Corning Rotary El Salvador Service Trip 2019

Congratulations to the Corning Rotary for Another Great Year in El Salvador

Francis LaLomia of the Corning Rotary lead a group of 23 volunteers to Talnique, El Salvador to build 2 more houses at the Rotary Village. The Corning Rotary donated the materials, the Noroeste Rotary Club ensured delivery of the materials to El Salvador, the Palo Verde hotel provided a safe place for the volunteers to stay and he worked with a team in El Salvador of Ligia, Wilber, and Carlos for another successful year. A personal thank you to Francis for providing the opportunity for me to join the group for a 2nd year. Your mentorship and leadership in our community are tireless and so appreciated by everyone. Congratulations on another great year to the entire team. Well done!!

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Many thanks Rose’s Youth Philanthropy for the donations for El Salvador 2019

Many thanks to all the students of the Rose’s Youth Philanthropy group for collecting donations for me to take for the 2019 Corning Rotary El Salvador service trip. The philanthropy group is a student-led branch of the Community Foundation of Elmira, Corning, and the Finger Lakes. Two students representatives from several of the local high schools are picked to be members of this team. The students meet monthly and award grants at the end of the year to organizations that apply for this money. Thanks again for helping me collect donations for this special project.

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A message from Patricia

Subject: Dream Big Sophie – Contact Form

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Hello there,

A friend of mine’s son recently enlisted in the US Army. We’re all so proud of him!

His news did get my wheels turning, though, about some of the plans he’ll need to make now that he’s in the armed forces. I’ve been spending the last few weeks browsing the web looking for information that I think might help him and his family going forward (actually, that’s how I found your site!), and I’ve come up with some great articles (see below) that I think will help Joe. It occurred to me that they may be helpful to other active service members and veterans, so I’m passing them along to you in case you’d like to share them with your readers (maybe you can post them on this page:

Scholarships for Military Spouses & Children

Student Loan Forgiveness: Joining the Military

The Ultimate Military Moving Guide for Your Next PCS

How to Help Your Child Cope When Your Spouse Has a Military Deployment

Resources for Military Families: A Path to Advocacy for Your Child

The Funeral Planning Guide for Veterans

Women Veteran Resources

I hope these can be of some use to you and your readers!



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Your Stories

Corning Rotary builds 7 houses in El Salvador 2018

I had a wonderful time with the Corning Rotary, led by Francis LaLomia and Doug Mealy, on our recent trip in April for 10 days to Talnique, El Salvador to build 7 houses for the Rotary Village. We also brought donations of clothing and toys to distribute. With my volunteer experience, I was chosen as one of the youngest volunteers the Corning Rotary has ever had participate with the program. I made many life long friends on this trip and look forward to going back next year.

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Horseheads High Students visit the Corning Youth Center


IMG_1719 (500x375)Horseheads High  School Senior Josh invited his fellow classmates Eric and Rotary  Exchange student Max from Austria to meet with 30 students at the Corning Youth Center where he volunteers.  The students got a chance to talk with Max about how it is to live away from home for 9 months.  They had a map available for him to discuss where he is from in Austria,  Max dressed in traditional Austrian clothing called Lederhosen’s, he played 5 songs on his Accordion and spoke German with the students.   Eric discussed how he will be an outbound exchange student leaving for Portugal in August to live there for the next school year.  The students got a chance to hear not only about students from around the world coming here but also where our local students can travel to as well.   It was a great experience for everyone and the students really enjoyed the cultural exchange.  Nice job to Max,  Eric, and Josh.

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