Corning Rotary El Salvador Service Trip 2019

Congratulations to the Corning Rotary for Another Great Year in El Salvador

Francis LaLomia of the Corning Rotary lead a group of 23 volunteers to Talnique, El Salvador to build 2 more houses at the Rotary Village. The Corning Rotary donated the materials, the Noroeste Rotary Club ensured delivery of the materials to El Salvador, the Palo Verde hotel provided a safe place for the volunteers to stay and he worked with a team in El Salvador of Ligia, Wilber, and Carlos for another successful year. A personal thank you to Francis for providing the opportunity for me to join the group for a 2nd year. Your mentorship and leadership in our community are tireless and so appreciated by everyone. Congratulations on another great year to the entire team. Well done!!