FTC Gorilla Bots Team 5485 at the Corning Youth Center

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The Corning Inc.  5485 Gorilla Bots FTC  Robotics team, led by outreach coordinator Joshua, has been so excited to bring their STEM robotics camp to the Corning Youth Center.  This is the 2nd year of the STEM robotics camp started by Josh and it is going strong.  The Laura Richardson Houghton Corning Youth Center is a local afterschool program that provides meals, activities and homework help for the neighborhood students.   What  a perfect partnership to join the students of the Youth Center with the High School students of the 5485 Gorilla Bots Team.  For the past 4 weeks, the students have had a chance to learn about the team’s world champion robot,  build their own computer systems and learn about electronics.  They have questions about their own STEM ideas and would like to eventually have their own team one day.  The program has been such a success that it will continue for the rest of the  year.   Many thanks to all the robotics team members, Adam of the Corning Youth Center for hosting the STEM camp and all of the students.  We are so proud of all of you.

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