Sophie’s Visit


blog photo SLA (500x500)

Having had Sophie in class for two years (5th and 6th grade), I know what an inspiration she is to her peers. For this reason, I felt that she would be a perfect guest speaker for the Summer Learning Academy (SLA) students. Not to mention, the theme was “Heroes,” and she is already a hero at such a young age!  Sophie visited two groups of students and talked with them about some of the projects she has been a part of. She shared her website with the classes, showed them some videos and photos from her projects, answered questions, and then she worked with us to make holiday cards toward this year’s drive.  Together, we created 98 cards to put toward Sophie’s new goal of 15,000 cards. I am hopeful that her visit will create conversations that spread the word about volunteering and what we can do to make a difference.  Thanks for visiting our classrooms, Sophie!

From;  Rachel Hogue,  6th grade teacher Horseheads Intermediate School and  Summer Learning Academy