Volunteer Resources

Here are few sites I have found that can help you start volunteering today. You are never too young to help someone else and it makes you feel awesome inside. All sites also have a place where you can tell everyone your story. Let the world hear what you have to say and Dream Big.

Presidential Volunteer Service Program

This is an award service program that kids can track their volunteer hours, get an award certificate for their service, a letter from the President and a service pin depending on how many hours in a year you serve. They are also interested in hearing your stories and volunteer ideas. Check with your school about how you can participate and if your school does not yet see if you can get them to sign up today.

The American Red Cross

The Red Cross is a worldwide organization that helps people in trouble with the help of volunteers and donors. Check with your local Red Cross about opportunities for kids in your community. Whether you want to start or join a Red Cross kids club, participate in a card drive, or come up with your own idea to make a difference in your community today, the Red Cross is a wonderful place to volunteer for all.


“GenerationOn is the global youth service movement igniting the power of all kids to make a mark on the world.” It is a site that has volunteer ideas/projects for ALL age groups and place where you can tell your story. I love that it keeps track of every kids volunteer project and hours that are sent in. Nice to see what we can all do together. Check it out and join today.

Volunteer at Your Local VA

“One of the most precious and generous gifts is of your time.”  I have been volunteering at the my local VA since I was 8.   I am now a registered volunteer with my own password and they even keep track of my volunteer hours for me.  The veterans are always so happy to have visitors.  We play games, talk and I help take them to scheduled activities.  Bingo is a big favorite and Trivial Pursuit is fun but a bit harder to play.  You don’t have to go just at holiday times either.  Our Veterans love visitors all year long.  www.bath.va.gov/giving

Volunteer links from Martha and her mom Shirley

I was so excited to hear from Martha and her mom Shirley with some volunteer links for the rest of us to use.  It is the whole idea of having a website for kids that we can have a place to share and talk about our ideas.   These are the links that Martha and her mom sent to me.  Enjoy and thanks for sharing.   https://lancaster.unl.edu ,   https://www.mainstreetsmiles.com